January 13, 2014


I watch very little television (I'd rather spend my free time crafting) but I am absolutely smitten with a PBS series called Downton Abbey along with millions of others who've made it the most-watched drama on TV right now.

Last night's episode was another gem with lavish costumes and great dialogue but also included a story line that must have taken everyone by surprise. I should have known something was up--it was the first time the network gave a pre-show warning that some content may not be appropriate for all viewers.

Poor lovely, kind, helpful, Anna. Her behavior after the attack isn't surprising given the taboos of this era but I'm sure her husband will get wind of it and go after the perpetrator even if it means a lifetime jail sentence or death.

I made this tag in response to last night's show and am linking it to the Simon Says Stamp Monday blog challenge where the theme is "anything goes."

The stamp (face) is a LaBlanche, the teacup was cut from a Trader Joe's grocery bag, a hand made stencil was used to embellish, the background is a paper from Idea-ology, and the color scheme was influenced by design team member Tracy Evans' recycled packaging design.