March 04, 2014

Tick Tock

Some vintage photos ask to be understood more than others, it's a quality that draws me in and was especially true with this one--the couples' expressions and clothing tell a story I long to know.

I was inspired to use it because of the Monday blog challenge at Simon Says Stamp which is Tick Tock. The tag was an exercise in image transfers and this is what I learned:

A page of clocks from the Lost and Found paper stash was used for the background. Since transferred images can become transparent, I thought the background might be too dark so I put a thin coat of gesso over the clocks. But since the photo had a lot of solid dark areas, I really didn't need to lighten the background and if I hadn't, the clock images would have been more pronounced.

If you're wondering how I tinted the photo, it was "glazed" with acrylic paint. Glazing is just adding a clear medium to paint to give it a transparent quality. Best results are achieved with pigments that are naturally transparent and I avoid using chalky craft paints for this technique.


  1. WOW! This might be my favorite piece of yours yet...though I am tempted to say that every time! But you are right-- the image is so striking and could be studied for hours. You are so good at letting images speak for themselves when necessary, but you always frame them in a stunning and thought-provoking way. I think your gesso technique worked brilliantly on the background because I think the clocks show up just enough, but not enough to take away from the beauty of the photo. You truly do have a remarkable artistic eye and every choice you made on this tag was the right one to give it "new life" while still preserving its history.

  2. Great tag - I love how you "knocked back" the clocks in the background to allow your main image to demand full focus from the viewer. Thanks for joining us for this week's Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!