May 11, 2014

Cabbage Salad

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I stumbled upon a person who collects images of women's fashion from the Civil War era and I've begun to follow her board. This discovery has prompted me to create collages using similar images. I hope to work out a series and this tag is my first go at it.

I'm also curious why, in many vintage photos, the subject looks so serious. Did no one say "cheese" when the photo was taken? I expect the grumpy face on this lady is why I chose to use her.

I began with a variety of papers including store-bought scrapbook paper, pages from a dictionary, a vintage cookbook and sheet music which I cut into small pieces and pasted on the tag.

After printing the lady, she was added to the tag using my image transfer technique. A homemade stencil was used to trace the outline of a frame with a fine tip marker and several areas were tinted with colored pencils to provide color and contrast. For framing, I cut thin strips from black and white striped paper and pasted them along the edges.

Why Cabbage Salad? For one thing, it's her expression and her face is rather round. And, if you look real close, you'll see that the cookbook's menu page has a listing for cabbage salad aka cole slaw.

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  1. Hi Beulah, thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog, and I can help with the reason for all the serious faces!!! You need to be old to know about these things lol! My grandmother told me that when they used to take the photos, they used to have to expose the plate for a good minute, which meant that during that time while they were taking the photo you couldn't move at all, even to twitch a muscle on your face, or the picture would be blurry. It's very very hard to keep a smile on your face for any length of time without moving, so they would adopt a more serious expression that is easier to keep still. My Nan's pictures were all serious but she was very funny, so you can image all the smiles on the people in real life :-) Maddy x