/* */ Beulah Bee: Madame Butterfly

August 15, 2014

Madame Butterfly



Did you know you can achieve painterly results with gel pens? Just make marks with the ink then wash over them with a brush and water.

Credit for the original image came from one of my most favorite bloggers (thanks again, Aputsaiq).

Half of the pens in the first photo were thrown away after I completed this tag because they had either dried-out or, more typically, the gel and ink had separated from the base of the pen (the survivors had tighter-fitting caps).

Bought several years ago, I haven't used them much but suggest to you that they do have value for adding color to paper and don't need to be saved just for writing.

And because I used a mark-making technique here, I've linked to this week's Monday blog challenge at SSS where the theme is scratched-up.