/* */ Beulah Bee: Rain

September 09, 2014


I live in the desert. We've had severe drought conditions for the last several years. If and when it rains, it usually comes in the summer and we call it the "monsoon season."

Yesterday half of all the rain we usually get in one year came down upon us in less than 24 hours. Streets were shut down, roofs collapsed, schools were closed. The season finally lived up to its name.

This helps to explain why I made this tag. Also, the only SSS product I own is the Falling Snow stencil and using one of their products was encouraged for this week's Monday blog challenge which celebrates "STAMPtember."

And the final reason for making it? I wanted to see what colored rain drops would look like. I expect the end result of all those colors dropping and mixing would be mud and we now have a lot of that here. But fear not, in just a few days it will all be hard as rock again.

Photo credit:  Ralph Morse