October 25, 2014

Splatters for Andrea

A recent post by Andrea Ockey Parr has inspired the creation of this tag made by stomping various Distress Ink stains on a piece of glossy paper. I used a black Gelly Roll pen to outline some of the splatters, turning them into shapes resembling flowers and added an image of my great Aunt Ada, some stamped dragonflies and a bit of washi tape to complete it.

I am always inspired by Andrea's creations--her work is full of whimsy and color and she often uses mediums in an unconventional way.

She never fails to make me smile and she leaves the BEST blog comments.

Thank you, Andrea!


  1. I loved that too! I've been after that splattered paint effect for ages and was overjoyed when Andrea showed that,brilliant technique :)

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  2. Lovely tag! Isn't Andrea a gem? She's going to be thrilled to know that she's inspired you to create such a beautiful piece of art. Using your pen to outline the splatters was a brilliant idea. It created such whimsical flowers. Thank you for YOUR inspiration! ~Michelle

  3. How honored am I?? You have made me so proud! Not just because you named the post after me and gave a shout-out to my style, but because this is yet another creation that I adore. I feel like the student and you are really the master-- the addition of the outlines was brilliant and I love how you made your lovely lady doing a pseudo karate-kick-like pose! It goes so well with the energy of your splatters. Who else but you would think to position her to make it look like she was doing an awesome (yet elegant) kicking/spinning combo?? I don't know how creativity is measured, but you have it in bushel-fulls! Thanks again for the kudos and for taking that technique one level higher on the coolness scale!