January 18, 2015

For Joseph

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Joseph Cornell was a brilliant artist and a pioneer of assemblage. If you are not familiar with his work, it's well worth your time to look him up.

Prompted by a challenge at Art Journal Journey to create something "inspired by the Masters," I collaged a page that mimics his Medici Princess box creation.

I used a frame from a magazine advertisement for a background filled with more magazine scraps, some rub-on letters and numbers, paint, gel pens, colored pencils, and embossed stamping.

I wish I could use symbolism more effectively in my art to give it a strong voice and invoke introspection. This is a skill Joseph Cornell mastered in a subtle, understated way and is what I appreciate most about his work.

Update:  I modified the original journal page posted here. Something was missing! The black vertical and horizontal lines in the original work were left out unintentionally. This simple addition made a difference and now I'm happier with it. (1/21/2015)


  1. Wow.. this is stunning...an adorable piece!
    Thank you for that fantastic contribution to Art Journal Journay again!
    Happy New Week to you !

  2. This is wonderful, what a fantastic contribution to Art Journal Journey! Thanks! Valerie

  3. Wonderful! Really a impressive interpretion and thanks for introducing the artist I didn't know him but like his work very much...have a nice week.

  4. Great collage ~ it's lovely *and* expressive, so don't discount your abilities in those subtler expressions!

  5. WOW this is a great work, thank you for sharing!!

  6. Thanks for looking at my blog and posting such a nice comment. I came to look at yours and WoW, love your page. Great colors and subject matter. I will check back for more of your wonderful works.

  7. wow,mthis its fantastic art work,love it to much.

    xxx Jeannette

  8. What more to say....another wow! Great work....