January 01, 2015

Giselle in Print

Giselle was the name my French teacher gave me in the 8th Grade. All my classmates received a French name and it was the only one we were allowed to use (no English of any kind spoken ever, please). This is why, when it came time to name this piece, Giselle came to mind.

I'm proud to say she's on Page 121 of the January/February, 2015, issue of Somerset Studio magazine, a publication that features mixed media artwork. The call I responded to was the color lilac which may help to explain why there's so much of it!

I've blogged about this work previously (here) where you can read about the techniques I used. I almost hate to mention it because you'll see the drastic difference in the quality of the photos. Granted, Somerset has professional photographers but I REALLY must improve my skills. No more excuses!


  1. Congratulations for you published work...it’s absolutely gorgeous and very well deserved! I am realy happy for you!!
    Best wishes in New Year, to you and yours from Slovenia!

  2. Wonderful collage Cathie and congrats on being published.. that is so exciting- great!