April 01, 2015

Life is Good

Spring in the desert means the state tree, called a Palo Verde is in full bloom and covered with a blanket of tiny yellow flowers. Yellow is practically the only color you'll see anywhere this time of year and it's pretty but also rather monotonous.

So I guess that's my excuse for creating this tag inspired by the pastel theme at Simon's Monday blog challenge this week.

Using watercolor paper cut in the shape of a tag, I painted the trunk then used a variety of small flower and leaf stamps.

Most were tinted with watercolor paint along with the background. Some I left white.

To create the pastel shades, I mixed white with my colors.

The bunny was hand-drawn on scrap paper and pasted to the tag. This way, if I didn't get the drawing right, I could just start over and not worry about erasing marks on the tag.

To frame the tag, I ran some Black Soot around the edges and bled the color using a wet brush.

Polka dots were made with a gel pen along the deckled edge and a Remant Rub was applied.

There are lots of bunnies here in the desert and they feast on the flowers that fall from the trees but I think life is real good for a bunny under a pastel flowered tree.

Happy Easter!


  1. I love this tag! Beautiful! The bunny is adorable.

  2. Wonderful doodling and wonderful pastel combo! I really love little bunny...he is so cute!
    Happy Easter dear friend!

  3. Holy cow! For lack of a more sophisticated term, this is awesome! I love how this turned out and think your hand-drawn bunny is the star of the show. But having said that, the tree is also the star of the show. And the flowers are also the star of the show. And the background is also...well, you get the point! I loved seeing the inspiration for your tree and how you went with an appreciation for all things not-yellow. :) I also thought it was brilliant of you to leave some flowers white and to mix your other colors with white to tone them down. I would want to hang out under this tree myself for a while and I'm so glad you shared this project (and the bonus step-by-step creation pics) with us for this week's Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!

  4. Everything Andrea said, I agree with, it's a stunning tag and I deeply love the little bunny. It's very clever how you have used the small flowers and leaves to make the tree.