April 15, 2015

Middle Ground

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mid·dle ground


1. an area of compromise or possible agreement between two extreme positions, especially political ones.

2. the middle distance of a painting or photograph.

I have a journal page for your perusal today made for the express pleasure of experimenting with a new stencil. As you can see, I got a bit carried away but what better way to see just what it can do?

The ladies were cut and pasted down first, then I painted the sky and ground and added the stenciling last. I went back in and adjusted some of the values to try and give it more depth which included adding the lake and mountains in the distance.

This lovely little glass trinket was my inspiration for the slightly unusual tint. Yes, I could have used more traditional landscape colors but I wanted the challenge of trying something different.

I'm linking to Simon's Monday blog challenge where this week's most excellent theme is in the middle.


  1. Wow! This is amazing! Love the purple trees.

  2. Your color inspiration is beautiful and your re-creation inspiring. Your thoughtful take on the challenge this week is lovely! Always a treat to see your take on the challenge! Thanks for playing along with us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!