May 08, 2015


dot·ty  (dŏt′ē)

adj. dot·ti·er, dot·ti·est

Mentally unbalanced; crazy.

Amusingly eccentric or unconventional.

Ridiculous or absurd: a dotty scheme.

Having a feeble or unsteady gait; shaky.

Obsessively infatuated or enamored.

The Monday blog challenge this week at Simon Says Stamp is the color coral and that's where my "dottiness" all began.

I found some paper in my stash that I used for the background and then a vintage photo and butterfly that paired well together. Embracing the pattern of her dress, I embellished the tag with washi tape and black and white gelly roll pens.

Her full name is Dorothea, but everyone calls her Dot.


  1. What wonderful dottiness indeed! And hey- my English major side always appreciates a good list of word definitions. As I read them, it made me realize that I have been dotty on several occasions in life. And what a great way you've showcased dots in your piece! You always know just how far to take something to make it look amazing and not obnoxious. Kudos to yet another remarkable creation!

  2. You have showcased Dorothea wonderfully amid all her dots!

  3. oh my, I love this tag. and your creativity to bring it to life. From the color to the dots, just plain wonderful. I love how the dots separate the depth of colors of the Abandoned Coral. It's the details that get me every single time.

  4. I saw this in the gallery at SSS and it popped right out at me. LOVE LOVE LOVE Dorothea and her bright, vibrant, eclectic design. GORGEOUSNESS!!! I'm totally signing up to be your newest follower.

  5. Love this! That dress? Fabulous! I admire a woman who owns the matter what time era. And your dots...creatively placed...have taken this to the next level. The perfect combination of vintage and whimsy. You always inspire me. Thank you for sharing your work with us this week for the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog.