September 19, 2015


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I'm still rather confused as to what constitutes a piece of "mail art." According to Wiki, it's centered on sending small works through the postal service and that at it's core, it's about interpersonal communication, exchange and the creation of a virtual community of participants. Huh?

I thought it was just about using postal ephemera in collages!

So, while I work on my understanding of this art form, I'll share my latest attempt (interpersonal communication) with my blog readers (virtual community). Gee, maybe this is mail art after all?

Beginning with a virgin postcard (never been mailed), I used an image transfer technique to add the newpaper print. I used a distressed Idea-ology frame sticker and stamped a bird on tinted watercolor paper for the center.

The red and green postage stamps are real, the cat stamp is homemade. The address label is from the Tim Holtz Correspondence stamp set. I applied it to paper then used a typewriter to fill in the address before pasting it on. The postmark in the top left corner and the words Par Avion are also from this set.

With a bit more stamping, tinting, dotting and a strip of washi tape (white strip near the center), I considered it complete.

Now all I have to do is mail it!


  1. I agree-- huh?? I thought mail art is a postcard or envelope "arted up" in some way and sent through the mails. Whatever the official definition, I like yours. Love the cat stamp!

  2. I'll take any definition as long as you continue sharing your lovely postal collage artworks with us! I don't know whether you have to mail it to make it mailart - I do know I love what you've done here!
    Alison xx

  3. Whatever it's called, I love it! Awesome post card!