September 04, 2015




a small remaining quantity of something.

a piece of cloth or carpeting left when the greater part has been used or sold.

a surviving trace.

I only have remnants of brain matter left this month after working on my entry for Tim's September tag--it was a challenge!

To begin with, I'm alcohol-ink impaired so piles of glossy stamping paper later, I finally arrived at a background that might work.

I don't have transparent gloss texture paste so I used gloss gel medium with Tim's Scribbles stencil instead. I thought it would dry clear but I believe the thicker application prevented this. It's still somewhat transparent though and the pop of alcohol ink colors shine through but it's obviously not the same effect as Tim's.

Rather than highlight the texture with archival ink I used Vintage Photo Distress stain to darken the cracks and provide some contrast.

Click to Enlarge

There's no frosted paper in my studio so I took a laser printer transparency and sanded both sides to mimic this product. I guess it's close-enough but didn't curl as easy as his did.

Finishing touches included a Foliage charm, Remant Rubs (Words), ribbon scraps and Scribbles (3D fabric paint) dotted along the tag edges.

Tim's monthly tags always challenge me and this time, after allowing myself to fail (and learn), I thankfully pushed myself through.

I am grateful for the process and the end result!


  1. I love what you did with this tag! It's beautiful!

  2. Great results! Love your fibers at the top too. I have zilch of the Tim supplies too and came up with quite a different spin. Will probably post mine on Tues.

  3. Wow, wow! I think the frosted look of your stencilling is actually really cool, echoing the butterfly. A fabulous take on the September tag.
    Alison xx

  4. Wowww, this is really beautiful. Super!
    Greetings Carola

  5. Beautiful take on Tims Tag! Love the frosted look and Fragile Glass Rubon. Karen.x

  6. Beautiful, I Love your take on September tag!

  7. The finished product is wonderful! You've done so good with this one, like it better than T's. :)

  8. Excellent tag! I love your choice of background <3

  9. What a great take on Tim's tag...honestly I love your more then his...gorgeous background and colors...awesome...again...
    So good and inspiring to be here!
    Hugs from Slovenia

  10. This is gorgeous!

    It also works well for this week's Tag Along challenge #104 "Think Outside the Tag" in case you want to post it there, too. :-)

  11. This is beautiful and clever with the product substitutes

  12. As usual your work is full of magic, original, it can speak without other additions: just a perfect tag!