January 16, 2016


I'm sharing another CHA 2016 project made for the Tim Holtz Idea-ology Booth today and it features one of my favorite new products--the Decorative Dome.

I placed a tiny tree branch inside, draped with a bit of feathery crochet yarn and set a tiny butterfly cut from the Wallflower paper stash on top.

Next to it is one of the new wooden Alpha Dice cubes along with a Salvaged Doll that was tinted and distressed with crackle medium.

That frame in the background? Also a new product (called Baroque) and inside is a big blue bee from the Wallflower stash embellished with some Remnant Rubs.

All of that goodness was mounted inside one of his new Vignette Boxes and the edges were trimmed with cigar box strips from the new paper stash called Dapper.

Just below that is a new Vignette Panel which can be used as a lid for the boxes or, in this example, as a surface/support for the new Mini Pocket Watch and Charms. The topper is a painted Nature Adornment and the panel features insects from the Wallflower stash. The number strip along the bottom is from Dapper.

Everything was assembled on the inside of a vintage cigar box lid lined with walnut stained burlap and a large cut-out from Wallflower. A Mini Plaquette sits in the top right corner.

Click to Enlarge

I hope this post gives you a few ideas or inspiration for your next creation and here's a link to the rest of the pieces I made this year for CHA if you'd like to take a peak.

To see everything available in Tim's new release, go here. Also, I find it handy to use this page on his website to see all things Idea-ology in one place with good descriptions and also measurements.


  1. by far one of my favorite projects for the idea-ology booth. Thank you so much for sharing your talent miss bee.

  2. Very impressive! A lot of work there. Looks like TH has some cool new products.

  3. Magical project…love dimension and (as always) your precisely cut outs! Would like to see that in person and just because of that I am sorry to have no chance to visit CHA!
    Sorry not being around lately...unfortunately, time is still my enemy!
    Hugs from Slovenia

  4. Beautiful!! Love it all.... the details are each fabulous,, and work so well together! xxx Lynn

  5. This is absolutely spectacular! I really love how you've combined all of these elements into one amazing work of art! Love it!!!

  6. You are an amazing artist--so glad I found your blog!

  7. This is an amazing, gorgeous piece of wonderfulness! I somehow missed it in the Idea-ology booth while at CHA. How could I have? It's one of my favorite pieces of mixed media I've ever seen! Bravo!!

  8. Your works are remarkable. I admire their complexity and fullness. I unfortunately can not create such magnificence. It was wonderful to visit your blog.