March 10, 2016


Foyles Bookstores is a rather famous London landmark that has a colorful history and I've used a photo by Wolf Suschitzky of a man standing in front of it for this tag.

I began with a pile of scrap papers that were cut and pasted to form a background then laser printed a reversed version of the photo and used polymer medium to transfer the image.

Except for the very blackest areas, image transfers are transparent so I made a tracing of the man's face, book and hands to line up with the tag so I could paint the background white in those areas. This way, the parts would stand out better and not be obscured.

I liked the results but wanted a contrast to better emphasize the man so I used paint to simplify the background and found an image of books (actually wallpaper by Muriva) then cut it to fit before doing another image transfer.

The final result includes the addition of some Remnant Rubs and a bit of sanding to distress and bring out the uneven thickness of the original paper background.

The intense contrast of black and white in the original photo is what attracted me to it and the sidewalk shadow is a favorite part of this tag. Of course, the gentlemen is also terrific and I am happy that the glare in his eyeglasses came through.

The book (like a vintage smart phone) makes me wonder what he was reading and why it couldn't wait until he got home?

I'm linking to the Monday blog challenge at SSS where this week's theme is Make Your Own Background.