May 08, 2016

A Woman's Work is Never Done

Happy cook, housekeeper, nanny, teacher, organizer, accountant, shopper, nurturer, lover, empathizer, scheduler, chauffeur, disciplinarian, keeper of loose ends and tiny details, and very often child-bearing day. Also known as Mother's Day.

While I have never given birth, I have a couple of babies (I'm married to one, the other has fur and meows) and I care for my own Mother who is elderly, widowed and relies on me.

Today I addressed her plumbing and phone problems, donuts and a greeting card were delivered and, after our visit was over, I bought cat litter from the store and cleaned the box, carpets were vacuumed, the checkbook balanced and dinner preparation is complete. Yesterday, I spent the day installing cable boxes on our televisions (the provider is converting to an all digital format).

My weekend is almost over and, as usual, I had little time to indulge myself with my favorite pastime. Oh well, a woman's work is never done but, at least one day a year, we receive some recognition for all that we do.

Since a post without a photo seems strange, here's a peak at what I'd hoped to work on (stay tuned).

I'm sending a heartfelt Happy Mother's Day wish to each and everyone one of you and hope you take some time for yourself today because you've earned it!


  1. I love butterflies! Happy Mother's Day to you -- I think you qualify!

  2. A very happy Mother's Day to you, so happy to hear how you treasure and nurture your mother. Very touching. Big thanks for your happy note on my SSS spotlight. Very sweet of you. Hugs, Autumn

  3. Hi B, I can't wait to see the finished piece of artwork. Hope you had a lovely weekend and Mother's Day - Being a mother is more about what goes on in your head and heart than anything that your body has done! - you certainly qualify for a lovely day.