July 11, 2016

Ten Degrees

Here's a journal page to share with you today. I've been working in a large Dylusions journal creating two-page spreads--it's almost one-third full and getting much too thick to manage.

So I removed the completed pages and made a separate binding for them. Now my journal is nice and flat again and this time, I will work on just one side of the page and see if I like it better.

Today's page was inspired by this photo from a blog I've recently started following. It began with a background made from the corners of envelopes clipped by my great Aunt for her postage stamp collection (when I removed the stamps, I kept the corners to use for collage projects).

I applied the photo via an image transfer and used Postale tissue paper (Tim Holtz) in the foreground. The top of the collage was stenciled with texture paste (Tim's Dot Fade).

To enhance the areas the girls are standing on, I added additional lines with a permanent marker and used a bit of white paint to lighten the squares.

I wanted to retain the vintage colors so very little additional tint was applied except for some minor shadows made with a black colored pencil.

I am really grateful to this unknown photographer who captured such an inspirational image (and to the website for sharing it). Working on this page was really a pleasure. I wish I knew what a fisherman's store is but think it may be a warehouse. Can anyone enlighten me? Then I wonder what in the world these girls were doing there!


  1. Your image transfer is beautifully done, I love the tones and the wonderful look of the stencilling at the top.

    Hastings is a beautiful fishing town on the south coast of England. It still has many historic buildings and I think these may have been the sheds where the fishermen of the day would store their nets to dry them out. I am not sure what the girls were doing there, perhaps they were just out for a walk along the beach? Anne x

    1. Thanks Anne! I really was curious and couldn't figure out how they could store fish since it's rather perishable. Hanging fish nets to dry seems much more plausible. I also thought why would these women want to hang out around a potentially, very smelly place :). I am also pleased to know where in England these buildings were found.

  2. Great photo, your image transfer and details tell us the story of these two women.

  3. Wow it's so beautiful your page, I love it a lot you've used the perfect colours for it, you've created something very special. Hugs.

  4. Hi B, this is amazing. You are a wonderful artist. That image is incredibly moving - like you, I am now wondering what the story of those two girls is? You have created an exquisite piece of art - I love it. Sue...xxx

  5. Awesome, stunning, amazing I don't know what other words to use! Barbara