September 07, 2016

Ripper Street

My husband said this Found Relative photo reminds him of the Victorian era detective drama called Ripper Street that he enjoys watching hence the name of my post/tag. One of the main characters wears a Bolo hat so I suspect that's his reason for this connection.

It's my entry for Tim's September tag challenge where he introduced an archival/alcohol ink resist on Yupo. The background text in the close-up above was made using this technique with his Ledger Script stamp.

I've always wanted an easy way to make light text on a dark background and this is a great way to do it--thanks, Tim!

I began by cropping and distressing a Sophisticate cabinet card that I delaminated and pasted to a manila tag. The Found Relative (also delaminated) was cut-out and pasted to the Yupo and then cropped into an oval for mounting on the cabinet card tag.

I used copper and black Scribbles around the oval to create a pseudo-frame along with some Idea-ology ephemera (Thrift Shop) and paper strips (cigar box labels) cut from the Dapper paper stash.

The star was made by altering an Idea-ology Fastener by picking out the original image, painting in the center, applying a Remnant Rub and tinting/distressing the metal edges.

If you're on the fence about adding Yupo to your stash let me say I highly recommend it. It's great for mixed media and I've used it extensively for creating my own stencils because it's thin, easy to cut and very, very durable (see my post here).

In my opinion, the only shortcoming is that since it's actually a plastic you have to use caution with heat guns.


  1. Fantastic! This reminds me of the old photos gathered from my great grandpa's farm. Beautiful design and I great tip about the heating of the yupo.

  2. I love your atmospheric tag - very clever to delaminate the cabinet to createan authentic-looking background, that's a very cool effect and sets off the wonderful photo perfectly. So many interesting touches you added, love it!

  3. Wonderful tag. The techniques you used are amazing.

  4. This tag is absolutely gorgeous!!! Could you tell me how do you "delaminate" something and what are the "copper and black scribbles" and who makes them? Thanks so much

    1. Thank you, Anne!

      Here's a link to the Scribbles info. It's a dimensional paint that I dotted around the edges of the oval. Most of the big box stores carry it--look in the fabric section.

      Delaminate means I want to make the photo or cabinet card thinner. I peel-off as much of the backing as I can then either use sandpaper or slightly dampen and rub the remainder off with my fingers.

      See this post which describes my process in more detail. So glad you asked--hope this helps!

    2. Thankyou so much for letting me know.

  5. This morning I went to see the new tag on Tim's blog
    and immediately I was caught by this wonder.
    I thought: I bet it is Belulah Bee! I won the bet with myself, your tags are always among the most beautiful, you're full of resources and I love your style!

  6. Honestly, I think this tag is really a masterpiece! I think you have an extraordinary talent and an incredible creativity! You are always able to mix the elements of your work in a way so fascinating! I pinned this tag on my board "Masterpieces of any kind"! Thanks for sharing your wonderful projects and techniques! Barbara

  7. I LOVE IT! You did an amazing job on this tag. BRAVO!

  8. Wow! I love your take on this months challenge. The vintage image and colours are glorious. Another beautiful piece of work from you.

  9. What a wonderful take on Tim's tag - love that 'relative' and the text behind him - very creative design!