March 05, 2017





think about (something) carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.

Stressful times and too many responsibilities have made me keenly aware of how, under these circumstances, I lose my patience and control and can be down-right mean to others.

I took a desperately needed day off yesterday to ponder my situation and produced a journal page that was very therapeutic. I can't change my ways overnight but plan to make a real effort to manage this. 

Click for larger, lightbox view

I enlarged a photo from the collection I inherited from my great aunt Esther (that's her on the right) and cut out the background. The image on the left was found on the net. I tore it into strips, pasted it down then tinted it with colored pencils. I finger painted the background of the page, added some stamped masking and washi tapes and journaled around the border.

It felt really good to have this time to play and I can't wait to get back to the quiet and solitude of my studio. It's a luxury I cherish more than I ever realized.


  1. The journal page is beautiful both in thought and in design. I can really appreciate your thoughts around ponder as it resonates with me.

  2. gosh what a keen skill you have miss bee to see the colors and shapes you do. Each look intentional, yet free, only guided by ones love of the fine details. These just make me happy (and I cannot stop thinking how I would like to be a fly on the wall by your work table.

  3. Seeing this in my reading list left me with no hesitation to stop by. Your ability to translate on to the page be it in your narrative or your art is an admirable skill.
    These pages resonate so deep . For me this is real art - art form the soul .

  4. Wonderful, peaceful looking journal pages. Stress is overwhelming and does not always bring out the best in us. It's good you took a break--try to make time for yourself more often.

  5. We all have our quirks and downsides. The difference is that some of us are able to recognize it and strive for change. When it seems we have so far to go, just remember how far we've come. Hugs and love for you and this rock star spread, Autumn

  6. Glad you found some therapeutic time with your art journal, and I really love the page which grew out of your need for a sea-change.
    Alison x

  7. I love your pages they're beautiful it's fantastic how you play with the images I admire it.
    As you my projects help me a lot it's a therapy so I understand you very well, nobody is perfect and everyone has good and bad moments, so don't worry. Hugs.

  8. Make art is always therapeutic! Your work is fabulous, love it! Barbara