March 11, 2018

Cool in the Shade

My favorite teachers? The passing of time, experience, practice, experimentation, mistakes. Case in point this tag (made for Simon's Monday theme "Whatever the Weather"):

  1. Learning how to use Photoshop's recompose tool to crop this photo without losing the photograph's border frame.
  2. Experimenting with Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink technique on glossy paper with mixed results (too much water, not enough ink?).
  3. Applying crackle medium to paper, the product I use has to be applied really thick--it was too thin this time to show up.
  4. The benefit of delaminating some Idea-ology paper stash to reduce bulk when collaging (text piece is full thickness, report card area was made thinner). Each time I try this, I get better at it. The trick is to gently rub off the back with a little water after peeling away as much as you can.
  5. The flowers (Idea-ology ephemera) were also delaminated because they are easier to refine with cutting when the paper's not so thick.
  6. Proved again that for me, the best way to tint a photo is still using a dab of ink from a gel pen with a little water (the turquoise in the wallpaper behind the teacher, for example).
  7. Appreciating that without adding a little whimsy to the piece an observer might think it too serious and wonder about my mental state. (Perhaps you should anyway.)
The weather connection is in the Idea-ology text from the Memorandum paper stash. I do believe this teacher is cool in her shades. Also note the Red Precipitate Ointment which is a nice touch--don't you think?

By the way, my favorite human teacher was Mrs. Jennings who had the patience to work with me in the 5th grade when I refused to learn multiplication tables and provided comfort from bullies.


  1. Wonderful tag! Nothing wrong with your mental state--you know how to think outside the box!

  2. You know a lot of bloggers don't really go into the evolution of the their project, but that is what is interesting to me. I enjoy reading about your learning process.

  3. You mentioned delaminating. Can you provide a little bit more information as to how to do that?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Sara - I've blogged about making my collage papers thinner (delaminate) in a couple of posts--check out Ripper Street or Buddies. Hope this helps!

  4. For some reason I have not been getting your feed - so I thought you had stopped blogging. Sp glad to find that that is not the case. I love the touch of whimsy and am grateful that you are still sharing your art wisdom and gift of precision (because that is truly a gift).

    1. Thank you, Paula! Sorry about the feed... when blogger bounces via feedly sometimes my email feed ends up in the spam folder so you might check for it there.