July 16, 2018

Tell Your Story

Hours have gone by with no end in sight. A work in progress just won't come together and I needed a break. So, I made a tag with random bits from previous pieces and I feel better now.

It's a lesson in remembering to let go of control, to trust your instincts and to embrace the process instead of the end result.


  1. I love the tag, the layers are beautiful and thoughtful! Nothing like a little "fun" diversion to start the creative flow again. It's nice to know others have a bumpy piece of road on the path to completion; makes me feel like I'm not the only one! Best of luck.

  2. Funny how it goes like that hours sometimes days of things just not working. Nice to know you found your way round it. Pretty little tag. The house look great stamped on that card or background colour. x Amanda

  3. I like it a lot and all they images you've mixed fit very well, they're great, I understand you very well there are moments where I don't know what to do, at the beginning it was a bit frustrating but now I just stop and rest or I start to make something completely different.