March 20, 2021



Manila Tag

Another "recycle" tag to link up with Simon's Monday challenge--this one was made using the cardboard back of a notepad, an image transfer and inks for tinting.

I've discovered a new way to add text to my collages and am slowly perfecting it. I print (must be laser not inkjet) my words on plain white paper, cover them with clear medium, let it dry then rub the paper off the back using my fingers and a bit of water. I'm left with text on a clear thin surface that can be pasted wherever I want.

As always, I hope this post finds you well and happy and I appreciate your visit.

Until next time, take care.


  1. This is a brilliant tag and a bit sad too -the image-is she waiting for Mr Hegemony?Sounds a great technique for adding text too
    Carol x

  2. Great to use the laser to make the text transfers. That was how I originally learned to make transfers from a friend. As always, your artwork is so enlightening and truly art. Love visiting your blog in my few spare minutes today. So happy you are still blogging and not letting it go to IG.