CHA 2017 Vignette Box

The Vignette Boxes come in four sizes, this one is the biggest and measures 5-1/2" tall, 3-7/8" wide and 1-1/2" deep. New this year are the Mini Foundations, tiny feet that are the perfect size for these little boxes.

I left mine unfinished to match the bling provided by a trimmed down sparkly Design Tape placed around the box edges. It sits on top of another tape that blends well with the light pickled finish I put on the outside of the box. I used Mini Hardware for the topper along with some dyed Crinkle Ribbon.

Click to enlarge photo for larger, lightbox view.

The inside of the box was lined with paper from the new 8" x 8" Etcetera paper stash and features many old (and new) favorites in a scale that's perfect when working with smaller projects.

The first layer after that is a Baseboard piece followed by a stack of multiple ephemera from the Botanical and Collectors Layers. These pieces are quite rigid and made it easy to sandwich spacers in between.

That's a Snippet in the bottom of the box placed on top of a trimmed down Flashcard. Ranger's Glossy Accents is the perfect adhesive for this type of project and is what I used to secure my layers.


  1. Wonderful! This one has such a lovely spring like feel to it . Love the simplicity of the box as it takes nothing away from the botanical ephemera and the touches of glitter .

  2. Love the feet and the wonderful layering of the ephemera. The tiny strip of silver around the edge of the box is perfect!

  3. First time on your site, can you please tell me where you can purchase the vignette boxes and feet? Such a lovely project - thank you for sharing!

    1. I don't know where you live but lots of stores sell them, even Amazon, or perhaps your local store can order them for you. The feet are new this year and will be available sometime next month.

  4. Your design showcases the Tim Holtz products so beautifully. AND makes me want to rush out and buy them (or order them as the case may be) because they are so perfect for this project.

  5. I just adore those little feet and as you say, they fit perfectly. The little scene you created is beautiful, so crisp, clean and elegant!