/* */ Beulah Bee: March 2014

March 31, 2014

Sing Spring

I live in the desert and we have two seasons, hot and not hot and I miss Spring (and green). So I made this tag to honor the season and I'm linking it to the Monday blog challenge at Simon Says Stamp.

The background began with an image transfer of a page from a magazine then I stamped on a butterfly (Martha Stewart) and some lace (Anna Griffin). I added a strip of Melange tissue wrap to the side and bottom and cut out a piece of a flower from the same magazine page and pasted it near the top.

I used acrylic paint to fill-in the butterfly wings and bring out some of the colors of the flowers then distressed the edges with ink.

March 28, 2014

Emily Carr

It's been too long between posts and I have no excuse. I got distracted and when I looked at the time over 20 days had past!

I made this tag to link up with the Monday blog challenge at Simon Says Stamp. The theme is transparent so I used an acrylic medium transfer technique because it has a "see-through" quality.

First, I printed an image (Emily) on a page from the French Industrial Paper Stash and cut it into the shape of a tag. Then I printed a separate image (flowers) and used acrylic medium to transfer it to the tag. I used an Anna Griffin stamp to fill in a blank spot near the bottom. I used a bit of blue acrylic paint to push back the flowers near her head and a touch of white paint to bring out the ruffles of her dress.

All it takes is a visit to two of my favorite places for inspiration and I get my muse back. Thanks Berengia and Aputsiaq!

March 06, 2014

Slate-colored Junco

I've got a thing for tags and make a lot of them. I also make greeting cards but I guess I feel more liberated working on tags and I like the challenge of this odd-ball format.

The long and narrow space used to feel confining but it doesn't bother me anymore and the manila cardstock is tough and can take my abuse.

For this tag, I cut birds from an old book, used book text for the background and a 12" x 12" stencil from Crafter's Workshop called Branches. It's a favorite of mine and I highly recommend it. There are two versions, a positive (208) and a negative (251). The leaves were stamped and filled in with colored pencils.

I made it so I could link up to Tag It, the Wednesday challenge theme at Simon Says Stamp, for a chance to win the random drawing.

But I can't let this challenge theme go by without sharing my all-time, most favorite tag.

In his September, 2012, tag post, Tim Holtz did a demo on an embossed metal background and I used this technique to make a steam-punked version of my cat, Howie (click to enlarge it). His goggles were made from polymer clay and the scarf was made from cheese cloth. It was crazy fun!

March 04, 2014

Tick Tock

Some vintage photos ask to be understood more than others, it's a quality that draws me in and was especially true with this one--the couples' expressions and clothing tell a story I long to know.

I was inspired to use it because of the Monday blog challenge at Simon Says Stamp which is Tick Tock. The tag was an exercise in image transfers and this is what I learned:

A page of clocks from the Lost and Found paper stash was used for the background. Since transferred images can become transparent, I thought the background might be too dark so I put a thin coat of gesso over the clocks. But since the photo had a lot of solid dark areas, I really didn't need to lighten the background and if I hadn't, the clock images would have been more pronounced.

If you're wondering how I tinted the photo, it was "glazed" with acrylic paint. Glazing is just adding a clear medium to paint to give it a transparent quality. Best results are achieved with pigments that are naturally transparent and I avoid using chalky craft paints for this technique.

March 02, 2014


Is it just me or, are some of what seems like the easiest of Tim's monthly tags deceptively difficult? It took four tries to get a similar effect but it was great practice just the same. I'd either get a stamped impression that was too dark or too light or when I rubbed, it would smear too much.

I followed each and every one of his steps except I pounced ink through the stencil instead of using a spritzer, I didn't use a metal word band and my twine is a gold ribbon cut in strips and pasted on. I used stamps (PaperArtsy and Prima) with a similar format as the feather and the nest, my stencil was hand-made.

The text came from lyrics in a song called Royals by Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor aka Lorde who's from New Zealand. This song has received a lot of play time here so that's why I thought of it.

As always, I'm really looking forward to this month's link-ups and aren't we lucky that Tim provides such great tutorials (and products) and a forum for sharing our work! If you've never participated, I encourage you to try--it's really great fun.