July 16, 2014

Esther, Magda and Ada

From left to right, allow me to introduce Esther, Magda and Ada. Esther and Ada are my great aunts and Magda was their friend. The original photo had them standing in front of a train, ready to depart on their next great adventure.

They were all spinsters who worked full-time, saved their money to take nice vacations, and they went everywhere! I have inherited all their photos and postcards of places they visited and know they were very well traveled.

Born at the turn of the last century, they lived far away from me and I only had the chance to meet one briefly (Esther). Whenever I go through my collection, I always wish I had known more about them.

I chose to use this particular photo for the Monday blog challenge at SSS where this week's theme is faces.

It's just a simple cut and paste, with some ink and paint markings to embellish. The background paper was distressed with sand paper and Picket Fence stain.

As I post this I can't help but wonder if they would appreciate me sharing their faces on the internet. I think not.

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  1. Love this tag! And your post was so insightful, too. Esther, Magda and Ada seem pretty adventurous and revolutionary to me, so maybe they would've liked being internet sensations! In any event, I think it's wonderful that you've given them the spotlight here and that you've become the keeper of their photos and postcards. Your artwork always tells stories and this is one of the best stories of all, though I know what you mean about wishing we knew our ancestors better. Be that as it may, I do feel like I know these three ladies just a little bit from their facial expressions. This is the perfect interpretation of our theme and I'm so glad you are so supportive of the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog!