April 17, 2017

She Meant It

I'm sharing an art journal page with you today, made by transferring an advertisement from a magazine with gel medium then highlighting it with black and white gel pens, a Found Relative, some butterflies (from the Snippets ephemera pack) and text (from Clippings stickers). I also transferred book text to fill in some empty spots.

I was really drawn to the advertisement--a room with wonderful plaster and wood forms, a large framed mirror over such a decorative fireplace and one fabulous chandelier. How clever to furnish it with a modern style sofa and rug.

And so I began this art journal journey celebrating the page and becoming more intimate with all of it's interesting embellishments.

Update: After posting, I went to the ad's website (The Rug Company) and found the original photo so I thought I'd include it for another perspective. BTW, the rug comes in several sizes and prices range from $3,500 to $51,000! It's hand-knotted silk.


  1. What an amazing, clever page! Love it!

  2. oh how I love this Miss bee - you absolutely amaze me with your clever creations. Simply stunning work today.

  3. Very, very cool. And I appreciate that after doodling the details you went to the rug page for the bottom line! Hmmm... new Cadillac or a rug??? The thing better freaking fly for that price!😆 Love your stuff.

  4. Wonderful page, I love all the doodles you've added, you've created something very very elegant, thanks for sharing the original pic with the rug, OMG what prices lol. Hugs.

  5. That's an amazing technique and the finished page looks so good. Love how the details are highlighted, and the girl looks very at home in her elegant surroundings.
    Alison x