April 11, 2018

Ada Again

I have modified a recent collage (see previous post, Ada 1916) by scraping off the photo of my great Aunt Ada and replacing the image with one I like better.

Because the original photograph was a bit thicker than the other collage papers I used, it was pretty easy to get underneath it and carefully peel/scrape it off.

Then I used this image as a transfer and created a mask of the hands and face. I used the mask to apply off-white paint on the background where the image was placed. Since image transfers are inherently transparent, this technique keeps the background from showing through.

The image transfer's darker undertones made it necessary to adjust values throughout the collage using transparent paint (glazing) and I also colored the collage paper flowers.

And finally, I felt the need to contain the composition by adding a border which was made using dots of Scribbles. I think the addition of the black accents helped to emphasize the other black elements in the collage.


  1. Oh wow, how cool... I like both iterations, but I think I like this picture better, too. (I wonder what Ada would think???) I also think the addition of the framing lines is effective... but, again: I also like the first version! Cool personal project.

  2. This is gorgeous and thank you for the masking tip with image transfers! I had been struggling with figuring out how to keep the background from adding unwanted color to faces. Love your work :-)

  3. Wow I liked a lot the first one but I have to admit I love this one, all the new things you've added are fantastic. Hugs.

  4. Awesome! It's a bit confusing to me but I love the technique.

  5. All I'm going to say is if you ever want to sell it, i'm first in line. Stunning.