January 21, 2017

Not Guilty

Yes, I'm guilty of not posting for a very long time but not guilty of wanting to--just so darn busy with all the stuff that gets in the way of having time in my studio to create.

Then, when I did find some time, I spent way to long on a project that never seemed to come together and I should have given up on it but I just wouldn't accept defeat. Thank goodness it finally made it to the trash can.

So it feels really good to get back to basics, take a few images found on the net that had caught my eye and put a tag together. No pressure, no struggles--just plain fun.

I call this one "Not Guilty" because the gent is actually a French criminal and this photo is what you might call a vintage mugshot. Well, he looks like a good guy to me so his crime must not be serious.

The background is a coloring page courtesy of a free download from Alisa Burke and the insect was found on Pinterest.


  1. Happy to see a new tag! As always I love it !! Your attention to detail is unmistakable, your style is unique! wonderful as always!

  2. Love this, Bee, and I agree - he hardly seems a criminal! Wonderful composition and colors, and what a great idea to use the internet! Hope you find time regularly for your crafting (says she who has also been rather absent from blogland, lol!) Your work is always an inspiration - xxx Lynn

  3. Awesome tag! Wow, mug shots sure have changed! Love the background and the bug on his shoulder.

  4. Fabulous mix of the images and the background. I loved hearing how you had a project that wouldn't let you go. I have that happen all the time and I can' seem to find a way to put it in the trash!

  5. Hi... Thanks for dropping by my blog for those kind words. Ur work is pure joy.

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