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February 05, 2019

Wildflowers of America

I'm happy to be part of Richele Christensen's blog hop of artists who made show samples for the Tim Holtz booths at Creativation 2019.

This piece features Idea-ology and I used a Vignette Tray (large), new Vignette Divided Drawer, Worn Wallpaper, Butterfly Adornments, new Ephemera (Keepsakes), new/revised Layers (Botanicals), Bouquet, Mini Hardware, Corners, and Ball Chain.

I took the dividers out of the drawer, lined it with paper, anchored it inside a large tray, and placed 1/2" thick foam core around the circumference to make it less deep (underneath the Worn Wallpaper).

My technique for painting the butterflies is simple and all you need is a steady hand. I used thin acrylic paint and a tiny paint brush to apply multiple coats layering one transparent color over another.

The new/revised assortment of Botanicals (Layers) is really beautiful and was my inspiration for this piece. The mix of flowers is very different from the last release and much improved with lots of roses and lovely banner pieces all in multiple sizes of left and right versions.

Botanicals Layers - New Version
Botanicals Layers - Old Version

I also mixed in a few of the fabric-like flowers called Bouquet after lightly tinting the edges with Antique Linen Distress Ink.

The wire mesh in the background is made out of something called "hardware cloth." In my neighborhood, it's used as a fence around plants to keep the rabbits from chewing them.

I sponged on off-white paint and built a ledge for it to rest on from thin wooden strips painted to match the box's paper lining.

The Worn Wallpaper was distressed by placing torn strips over the top of one another and inking the edges to make them stand out. And yes, that's Ball Chain (it comes in three different metal finishes) which was used to embellish the border.

Good luck with the giveaway (comment by midnight PST February 9). The contest has ended, see winners announcement here.

I hope we've inspired you! If you are hopping in order, Cheiron Brandon is up next.


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