January 19, 2016

Grateful and Happy

Grateful and Happy, the names given to the last two projects I completed for CHA 2016, describe perfectly just how I felt about being asked to contribute. They were assembled on the new Idea-ology Mini Clipboards which are a great size and so much fun to decorate.

The first one features a Watch Cameo that comes with it's own glossy epoxy sticker cover for mounting an image (I used a Found Relative). Other new elements include Plain Tissue Wrap, Mirrored Hearts and Gilded Accents Remnant Rubs along with some old favorites like Chit Chat stickers, Crinkle Ribbon, a Nature Adornment and paper from the Wallflower stash.

I used tiny drops of Liquid Pearls (Ranger) around the edge of the clipboard for some extra bling.

The second clipboard was made by covering it with Wallflower paper (the clip has screws that allow for easy removal) and then attaching a new Vignette Panel on top which served as a support for my assemblage.

The panel is made from wood so I used some whiting to distress and lighten it then sanded it down to expose the grain.

A Flash Card, an image from the Photobooth collection, a Nature Adornment, some Remnant Rubs and paper from the Wallflower stash all went together so easily to complete it.

I hope I've inspired you with my projects, I sure had fun making them! If you missed my other CHA 2016 posts and would like to see them, here's a link.


  1. I just LOVE these! Been playing with Wallflower myself this weekend, so much to explore in one pad! Love the accents you used for these two pieces. They really make them special. Hugs, Autumn

  2. Yes, that is a really nice pad. Great projects! Such attention to detail.

  3. They're so lovely - the happy piece especially makes me happy with my favourite colours. I have that Photobooth pair of girls sitting on a project on my desk at the moment, but it's slightly ground to a halt... maybe these gorgeous projects will nudge me back into action. Fantastic pieces to adorn the booth.
    Alison x

  4. Grateful: Love the subtle use of the tissue wrap over the paper and then adding more paper on top. The silver rubs and the Liquid Pearls are the perfect additions. The cut work on Happy and the white washed wood take a simple piece to the next level. Well done my friend.

  5. Wonderful projects!! Love seeing all the up-close shots - thank you! Great additions to the booth! xx Lynn