January 02, 2016

Morning Glory

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It's illegal to grow Morning Glory flowers in Arizona. Too bad because I really like them. They grow fast, attract hummingbirds and open and close each day which is pretty cool to see.

My attempt at drawing them came from a Haiku poem I thought especially appropriate for the new year and was my inspiration for this journal page. That, along with a photo I fell in love with of two charming children gathering sea shells that I placed alongside a very old Japanese print of a grasshopper.

It felt good to spend time in my journal and I couldn't help but contemplate various New Year resolutions as I worked. Like how I should try to draw and paint more (which is harder) and paste less (which is easy).

The only thing I know for sure is that time passes by way too fast so I better stop wasting it!


  1. Love your journal page! What is it illegal to grow Morning Glories in Arizona?

  2. The powers that be think it will quickly spread and destroy crops (think Kudzu).

  3. I absolutely relate. So easy to do things that aren't always what we should be doing... I encourage you to spread your wings in 2016. I really love this spread. So peaceful and thought provoking. Oh those morning glories...!

  4. Beautiful journal page! I LOVE morning glories, especially the blue ones.
    Hope that 2016 will bring you health, happiness, joy, peace and an endless stream of creativity! Happy New Year!

    Hugs, Gaby Bee